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Cleveland BIRTH photographer

The moment you step into your new, beautiful life.

A love like no other

The first time you meet your baby is indescribable. It’s powerful, magical, and unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced. You’ve been waiting for this moment. The moment you finally get to lay eyes on that tiny human you've been nurturing all along. The moment you feel a love like no other. The moment you step into your new, beautiful life. You're going to want to remember it. 



Hiring me as your birth photographer means you get to relive the day you stepped into this new, beautiful life. It means you get to look back and remember every special detail of your baby's birth. It means your partner gets to be fully present to support you. It means you get to have professional, artful photographs you cherish instead of blurry pictures that just don't do such a magical day justice. It's the most incredible way to honor your strength, your courage, your story, your journey to becoming a mother.

You may not know it yet—or maybe you do...

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A look inside

As a certified birth photographer, I view each birth I am invited to photograph a privilege. When families trust me to document this monumental day, it is truly an honor. Here is what you can expect when you hire me to be photograph your birth.


Prior to booking your birth, we will hop on a quick phone or video call—or meet in person if your schedule allows—for a pressure-free consultation. This time together allows us to see if we're a good fit as well as talk through previous births, your current pregnancy and birth photography preferences. If after your consult you're ready to book, I'll send through your digital contract and save your due date on my calendar. 

Third Trimester Meeting

During your last trimester, we'll meet in person for a coffee or tea to go over any last minute questions and any potential changes in your birth plan. If an in-person meeting doesn't work with your schedule for any reason, this meeting can take place on the phone of via FaceTime. 


From 38 weeks on, I am on call for you 24/7. Yep, morning, noon and night, so you never have to hesitate about contacting me, or worry that you're bothering me with a 2 a.m. call—I'm here for you when you need me! I also notify my back-up photographer when I go on call for your birth. 

Time at Birth

I will join you at your birthing place when you are in active labor, and stay up to 2 hours after your baby arrives to get a variety of labor, birthing and postpartum images. 

birth gallery delivery

Within 48 hours of your birth, I will share a handful of my favorite images for you to share with friends and family, and on social media. Within 4 weeks of your birth, you will receive your entire gallery. 



Birth photography is an investment, but it's one worth making. You'll never regret capturing the beautiful moments of your birth story.

Birth packages begin at $1,650 and can be customized to suit your needs and vision. In an effort to make birth photography as accessible as possible, I'm happy to offer flexible payment plans. Contact me directly for additional pricing information.

your investment



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Preparing to give birth? Birth affirmations can help you reduce fear and anxiety, focus thoughts, channel strength and trust your body during labor and delivery. Enter your email below to download 10 of my favorite ready-to-print birth affirmations to empower you throughout your pregnancy, labor and birth. 

"There is power that comes to women when they give birth. They don’t ask for it, it simply invades them."


Frequently asked questions

Will we meet before the birth?

Yes. Birth is an intimate experience and I want you to feel as comfortable as possible with me. I like to schedule an in-person meeting or video call during you last trimester to go over your birth plan & preferences, and get to know one another a bit better before your birth day arrives.

When will you arrive?

Ideally, I will arrive during active labor, when you’re between 6-7 centimeters dilated. Birth is unpredictable, so I do my best to determine when to join you based on a variety of indicators like previous labor and birth history, how close your contractions are—and how difficult they are for you to manage—dilation, effacement.

When should i book you for my Birth Story?

As early as possible! I only accept a limited number of births per year, and typically only work with 1-2 families per month, so I encourage you to contact me as soon as you know you're expecting!

What if you miss the birth?

In the rare occurrence that I miss your birth due to illness or emergency on my end, and a backup is not available, you have the option for a refund or a future session(s). If I miss your birth because your labor was super fast, I will still come to your place of birth and document as much as possible. We will discuss these types of scenarios further in our initial consultation call, which you can schedule here.

What if i have a cesarean?

Cesarean births make incredible birth stories too! If you know ahead of time you will be having a surgical birth, I do ask that you communicate with your care provider and make sure it is okay for me to be present in the operating room. Even if your doctor has a policy against photographers in the OR, I can come to the hospital with you at check-in, document your pre-op, give my camera to your support person to use during the birth, and photograph post-delivery moments as usual.

If you have an unplanned c-section that is not an emergency situation, I cannot stress the importance of you and your partner being the ones to request my presence in the OR. Ultimately, it is your doctor's decision to allow me into the room, but your request weighs infinitely heavier than mine. 

If an emergency situation arises and there is no time for communication, or I am not permitted into the OR, I will be in the recovery room as soon as I'm allowed to continue capturing your birth story.

How soon will i see my images?

Within 48 hours of your birth, I will delivery a handful of edited images for you to see and share with friends and family. You can expect to receive your full gallery within 4 weeks of your birth.

How will i receive my images?

I deliver your images digitally via a password-protected gallery. In your gallery, you can download your high resolution images and order high-quality, professional prints, albums and framed art all in one convenient place.

Will you share my photos online?

Not if you don't want me to! I will only ever share images with express permission from you. I love to share birth stories, to show the world the strength and power that emerges during labor and birth, but ultimately, it is your story and your experience; if you don't want to share it, I 100% honor and respect your decision to keep your story private. 

How much does birth photography cost?

My birth story packages begin at $1,650, with video add-ons starting at $600. Packages are customizable to suit your family's needs and vision. Please contact me directly for more information on pricing.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! In order to make birth photography as accessible as possible, I am happy to offer customizable payment plans. Many clients pay their $550 retainer and choose to pay the remainder monthly, however, you can choose to pay on whatever schedule works best for you, as long as your balance is paid by 38 weeks. 


Absolutely! If you have family and friends that would like to contribute to your birth story coverage via a gift card, they can purchase one here: LINK. You can also add a birth photography cash fund to you Babylist or MyRegistry baby registry. 


READY to hire A

I want you to have beautiful photographs of your birth that you LOVE. Images that take you back to the day, to the very first moment you laid eyes on your baby, to the very first cry, to the very first time your partner holds your child. You deserve to remember those moments forever. 

10 Birth affirmations to empower you