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Family laughing during family photos at Cleveland Botanical Garden


Cleveland Botanical Garden Family Photos

July 9, 2024

I’m so excited to share this Cleveland Botanical Garden family photo session with you today! When the Caja family reached out about family photos in the same place they got married, I couldn’t wait to work with them! It was so special to capture these parents bringing their children back to such a meaningful place for their family—the place where they said their vows.

Family of four standing in front of ivy wall at Cleveland Botanical Garden
Family of four sitting in front of fountain at Cleveland Botanical Garden

Cleveland Botanical Garden Family Photo Session with the Cajas

Family of four holding hands walking in garden

What are three words you would use to describe your family?

Loving, encouraging, genuine.

Family of four snugging in front of tree

Describe your children. What are some of their unique traits, funny phrases, things about them at this age/stage that you’ll remember forever?

Blake is intelligent, thoughtful, and observant. One of my favorite things about Blake is that she is always thinking about others. She will make sure she brings snacks for everyone in the group. She loves a good plan and always wants to know the steps to what she will be doing for the day. She is particular! Like sometimes, she will wake us up in the middle of the night to make her blanket lay flat on her bed. She loves dresses, unicorns, face paint, nail polish, and all things girly!

Dad tossing little girl in the air during family photo session in Cleveland

Miles is enthusiastic, determined, and animated. I wish I could capture Miles’s laugh and keep it forever. He has the best giggle. Miles knows what he wants and will fight to get it. He is uninhibited in his daily life and his excitement for whatever he is doing is palpable. Miles loves learning new sports, swimming, animals, and Spiderman!

Son on dad's shoulders at Cleveland family photo session

What’s a typical Saturday look like for your family?

We usually make pancakes or pick up donuts, go to the park or the pool, walk our dogs around the neighborhood, invite friends or family over for dinner, and snuggle on the couch for movie nights.

Family of four squatting in the grass at Cleveland Botanical Garden family photoshoot.

What’s your favorite recipe to make together as a family?

These chocolate chip cookies! We have made them for years. We even included these on a holiday card we sent to our families! The kids always fight over who gets to add the flour and sugar.

Family smiling at camera during photo session at the Sunken Garden

What’s your favorite thing about raising a family in the Cleveland area?

We love that we are close to our families (Cleveland and Pittsburgh). We get to share all of the seasons with our family: sledding and snowballs in the winter, donuts and orchards in the fall, parks in the spring, and swimming and T-ball in the summer. We love how many amazing zoos and museums we have in the area. We love sharing spaces with our kids that mean so much to us. We got engaged and married at the Cleveland Botanical Garden and were able to capture our kids romping around the garden with us in our recent family session.

Family sitting on rocks at Cleveland Botanical Garden

What’s your favorite kid-friendly activity in Cleveland?

The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and the Children’s Museum of Cleveland are amazing.

Family laughing during family photos at Cleveland Botanical Garden

Why did you decide to schedule a family session with Mackenzie Romagni Photography at the Cleveland Botanical Garden?

Our family friends had a recent session with you and I just loved the pictures and the “closeness” of their family that you were able to capture.

Family laughing during photo session at Cleveland Botanical Garden

What was your favorite part of your family photo session at Cleveland Botanical Garden? 

I loved watching my daughter come out of her shell. She is shy with most people when she first meets them but you made her feel comfortable from the very beginning. I loved that you were able to capture sweet moments in the exact place where we started our life together.

Mom and dad touching foreheads during family photo session at Cleveland Botanical Garden
Brother and sister hugging on rocks at family photo session at Cleveland Botanical Garden

What is your favorite photo from your session at the Cleveland Botanical Garden? Why?

I have two! I love the picture of the kids standing in the front and us in the back. This is where we said our wedding vows to each other. I still tear up thinking about this picture and the 10-year journey that led us to this beautiful life.

Kids standing holding hands with mom and dad in background during session at Cleveland Botanical Garden

There is a picture of my husband swinging my son and my daughter and I are tickling him but if you look closely I am “ugly” laughing which I would describe as laughing so hard I definitely am not aware of my smile. This is my favorite picture of myself because it really captures the happiness my kids bring me every day.

Family of four playing during family photo session at Cleveland Botanical Garden

Anything else you’d like to share about your family?

My husband and I work in the emergency room. We have spent the last decade of our lives working towards our career goals. We have been together for a long time but what we always made sure we did was support each other in making our dreams come true.

This is the most important thing we hope to pass on to our children. We live a very unconventional life where we do not work normal business hours which has made us cherish the days when we can all be together just a little more.

There is nothing I love more than a random Wednesday where we can keep the kids home from daycare, pack up our family, and come up with a day of activities. Sometimes my husband will come to my daughter’s T-ball games after working an overnight shift on no sleep just to be there to support her.

We hope our kids will continue the idea of “showing up” for the people you love.

Mom holding son and dad tossing daughter in the air at Cleveland Botanical Garden family photo session

Hey there and thank you for stopping by! I’m Mackenzie, owner of Mackenzie Romagni Photography, and birth, newborn, and family photographer serving growing families in Cleveland & Northeast Ohio. I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

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